Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training

Level: Advance

This Track Includes:

Advanced Windows Digital Forensics – 5 Days

Advanced Windows Digital Forensics


5 Days


Take your Windows digital forensics skills to the next level. Learn how to perform deep file system analysis to recover deleted files and analyze other sources of data, such as network traffic, and learn how to restore incident logic to reconstruct a complete incident timeline.

Course Outline

Through a simulated real-life targeted cyberattack, the course covers the following topics:
• Numerical systems
• FAT file system
• NTFS file system
• Data and file recovery from file system, shadow copies and using file carving
• Forensics challenges in Cloud computing
• Memory forensics
• Network forensics
• Timeline vs SuperTimeline analysis
• Testing the newly gained skills with a practical challenge with acquired digital evidence

• Conduct deep file system analysis
• Identify and recover deleted files using different techniques
• Analyze network traffic with different tools
• Identify and track malicious activities in memory dump
• Identify and dump interesting parts from memory for further analysis
• Reconstruct the incident timeline using file system timestamps
• Create a single timeline for all Windows OS artifacts to gain a better understanding of the incident scenario


Advanced-level: system administration skills required



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Duration: 5 Days

Course Fee

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SME (Company Sponsored) – All Singaporean and Permanent Resident EmployeeNA
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and aboveNA
Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident aged 21 years old and aboveNA

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