This three-day instructor-led class is designed to help IT professionals prepare for the Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP) exam.

This Track Includes:

Python Institute – Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP) – 3 Days

PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming


3 Days


The PCAP™ – Certified Associate in Python Programming certification (Exam PCAP-31-0x) is a professional, high-stakes credential that measures the candidate’s ability to perform intermediate-level coding tasks in the Python language, including the ability to design, develop, debug, execute, and refactor multi-module Python programs, as well as measures their skills and knowledge related to analyzing and modeling real-life problems in OOP categories with the use of the fundamental notions and techniques available in the object-oriented approach.

Becoming PCAP™ certified ensures that the individual is fully acquainted with all the primary means provided by Python 3 to enable them to start their own studies at an advanced level, and to open a path to the developer’s career.

PCAP™ certification is an interim step to the PCPP1™ certification, a great motivator for self-improvement and self-development, and most importantly – the means to keep one’s programming skills up to date and demonstrate them to others. Becoming PCAP™ certified reflects the candidate’s interest in developing a higher level of proficiency and a more in-depth understanding of Python, as well as their ability to use it for commercial and non-commercial general-purpose programming projects, and create, develop, and improve their own programming portfolio to increase their value in the job market.


You will learn

  •  Learn general coding techniques and best practices
  •  Learn to use object-oriented programming in Python
  •  Learn how to import and use Python modules
  •  Learn how to handle exceptions
  •  Learn how to process files
  •  Prepare for PCAP certification

Course Outline

Modules, Packages and PIP

Importing and using Python modules; using some of the most useful Python standard library modules; constructing and using Python packages; PIP (Python Installation Package) and how to use it to install and uninstall ready-to-use packages from PyPI.

Strings, String and List Methods, Exceptions

TCharacters, strings and coding standards; Strings vs. lists – similarities and differences; Lists methods; String methods; Python’s way of handling runtime errors; Controlling the flow of errors using try and except; Hierarchy of exceptions.

Object Oriented Programming

Basic concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP); The differences between the procedural and object approaches (motivations and profits); Classes, objects, properties, and methods; Designing reusable classes and creating objects; Inheritance and polymorphism; Exceptions as objects.


Generators, iterators and closures; Working with file-system, directory tree and files; Selected Python Standard Library modules (os, datetime, time, and calendar.)


Aspiring programmers
Software developers
Data Analysts
Team Leaders
Product Managers
Project Managers


Recommended: Python Essentials – Part 1 (Basics)


PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming

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Duration: 4 Days

Course Fee

Course Fee$2500.00
SME (Company Sponsored) – All Singaporean and Permanent Resident EmployeeNA
Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and aboveNA
Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident aged 21 years old and aboveNA

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